Deeper, deeper, deeper still 

The world around us is vast. Every interaction taken through out the day is part of a much larger scope. At first glance it seems as though the bigger picture is separate from all of its parts. After taking a deeper, more methodical approach to analyzing the world, one finds that the tiny pieces, the small intricate parts are what make up the bigger picture. Here at the University of New Mexico, I took a stroll out to the duck pond to find these hidden gems. 

When I first went out to the Duck Pond, trying to focus on the small things was hard. All I could see was the lovely blue sky and the world around it. I saw the flocks of birds flying above, the clouds slowly moving through the warm air. I was unable to see what was not right in front of my face. I could not the intricate parts, I instead only saw the big picture. After apperciating the giant world we are all a part of, I turned my focus back to the immediate area around me. 
Even at this deeper level, where my sense of hearing and smell were utilized, I could not focus on the small things. I saw the ducks and the turtles, the main animals that reside at the duck pond. I saw the towering trees and their flowing leaves. I heard the rushing water and smelled the cool water as it slowly worked it way into the sky. While all of these things are magnificent, I still was not quite near those hidden gems. I must go deeper and deeper still.

I began to analyze the ground I was sitting on. I looked into the grass to see what was there. Suddenly, birds come forgaing through, picking out the little bugs in the very same grass I was occupying. I was not able to see the bugs myself until I noticed the birds. Ahhh, a spider began to crawl on my arm. Then, I lightly scream as the birds take off and fly right over my head. After these events, I began to see the little ants in the grass. I noticed the smaller creatures, the ones that are generally overlooked in everyday routine. I looked at their actions and found that their behavior would change based on the world around them. Another group of birds came through and suddtenly the bugs began to run around, they became frantic. The small things to me, were big to the birds. These hidden gems are the birds food, one of the staples of their diet. How intriguing. 

Often, it is easy to overlook the small things. It is easy to see the exterior. The trick is to learn to see the interior, the minute details. One must foucs on the small in order to see the big. Each piece comes together much like a puzzle. Without one part, the picture would not be complete. That is an important lesson. Recognize the small in order to understand the big. Know the details inorder to comprehend the whole. 


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