Koyaanisqatsi: Who have we become? 

This provocative film addresses the problems facing society in an unconventional, and sometimes uncomfortable way. 
At first, the film starts off slow. Dramatic music is playing and there are long shots of nature that quickly turn to videos of the natural world getting blown into pieces. The filmmakers here seem as though they are trying to get the audience to apperciate the natural world, while showing that one day it could all be blown away. There are long shots of mountain tops, clouds and bodies of water. After showing these beauties, the movie begins to show the destruction and demolition of the landscapes we were previously admiring. The once beautiful land has now been industrialized.

Look at what us humans have done. We have destroyed the once beautiful land and replaced it with infrastructure that suits our own wants and desires. The land was destroyed and for what?? Abandoned buildings, so many empty structures, so much trash. All of these empty buildings yet there is still so many homeless people. Look at all the land that was destroyed only to create an abundance of buildings that are now empty. Nature was destroyed to design infrastructure that eventually deteriorates and must itself be destroyed. This is not what life is supposed to be about.
In nature, everything operates at a slow, natural pace. The music and film style demonstrate that. As the film moves on, the city is shown. Now, in the city, even at night, everything is a constant go, go, go. There is no break, everything moves so fast. Consumption and destruction are the new world order. Consume more, destroy the natural and replace it with the man-made. This new era is changing humanity, and more importantly it is destroying the world. 
The makers of the film, in my opinion, intended to make the audience feel some sense of loss. They wante the viewers to feel that nature is our original life. As we have evolved, we began to this life, and ultimately ourselves. We have lost our sense of appreciation for what is real, not fabricated by the hands of man. We have replaced our real way of life with a fabricated, fast-paced society. We have not only lost our connection with nature, but we have also become disconnected with the world around us 


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