Monkey Wrenched 

The film Wrenched explores the environmental activist movement and looks at how monkey wrenching has played a pivotal part in it. The film examines this method of environmental activism and its message. 

One theme I felt the film demonstrated was the idea that environmentalists do not have to play by the rules. In order to effectively change the system and to help the environment, one must think like the land. A person must do what is right by nature, even if it is against some kind of law. Society may look down on sending a bulldozer off the cliff, but as a monkey wrencher this is more than acceptable. If nature would not approve, than neither should an environmentalist, if they believe in the monkey wrencher style of activism. 

The point of the film was to show that the environmental movement has taken on many roles, and arguably, the start of it all was through the Monkey Wrench Gang. As the movement has evolved, there have been, what some would call, radical groups. These groups push their demonstrations to the extreme and challenge the boundaries for what is acceptable. 

One take away from this film that I think is highly important is the fact that humans are part of the environment. Our species is not separate from nature. Learning this would indeed help solve many problems facing the planet. 


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