What is The True Cost 

This documentary explores the story of our fashion industry. It is about the clothes we purchase and the clothes we wear. More importantly, it takes a deep look at the people that manufacture our clothes and the human rights violations that occur when they do so. In addition to addressing these humane issues, it discusses the damaging environmental impact the fashion industry takes on our planet. This industry is the second biggest polluter on Earth, and there are no signs that it will slow down any time soon. What is the True Cost to fast fashion? That is what this compelling documentary explores. 

The filmmakers are trying to shed light on an industry that has largely gotten a pass for its destructive tendencies. They want to demonstrate the ways in which the world of fashion has been based on expolaiting workers and the environment. They want consumers to become aware of what they are wearing and the true cost of it. They do not want individuals to see a $5 dollar shirt and think, ” What A Deal!!”, instead they want them to see that price and think of all the ways in which people and the environment were abused. Ultimately, the end goal is to change the way people consume clothes. They want the people to become fashion savvy by choosing to buy items that are good for humans and the natural world. 

Watch the trailer here 

I choose the documentary because I believe this a largely unexplored area of environmentalism. The simple fact that other than the oil industry, this is the biggest polluting industry is mind-blowing, yet many people are unaware of this. People are quick to find deals, especially when it comes to fashion, but these deals come with a hefty price tag that the consumers have not become aware of. 

While I had previously known about the fashion industry’s terrible human rights violations, I had not known much about their environmental problems. Before watching this documentary, I would still  reluctantly shop at many of the stores the movie points out. But after seeing the film and tearing up at one point, I have vowed to only buy clothing that is either second-hand, or completely human and environmentally friendly. Just seeing all the clothes in department stores makes me sick. I feel saddened because many humans and the environment were harmed in the making of those cheap items.


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