Motivation: Bidder 70

Welcome back my fellow nature readers. Today, we are exploring the film Bidder 70 and how the concept of motivation is addressed in the movie. Before we began, let’s take a look at motivation within my own view and then we can go on to analyze the movie. 
When I think about the word motivation I see the blood, sweat and tears that go into finishing any action. Motivation is the fire inside one’s belly. It is the reason people get out of bed and carry on with their day. One becomes successful through sustaining this motivation over time. I think that is an important point. Motivation is not something that occurs just once. It must be within someone day in and day out. For example, having the motivation to go to the gym does not mean anything if it is not present on a regular basis. One day at the gym will not give you that hot body you’ve been dreaming off, but many days at the gym over a long period of time will. That is true motivation. This same logic applies to any walk of life. Motivation is important for indiviual success, but it may be even more important for the well-being of society. 

Tim DeChristopher is an environmental activist, and Bidder 70. He walked in to an auction for the right to buy land that is rich in oil. The catch is, he had no motivation to actually use this land for oil. Instead, DeChristopher wanted to keep everyone else there from exploiting the land for personal profit. His motivations were quite clear. He wanted to do what was right by the land, and he did not care what the backlash would be. Protecting the environment was his goal, and DeChristopher did just that. He was not allowed to disuss his motivations for disrupting the auction in court. To the law, his motivations did not matter because the law is clear, and it does not simply sway because someones motives were good. The take away I see is that actions which are just and right for society, may be illegal, but even if they are, someone must have the courage and deep motivation to do what is right and face the consequences for doing so. 

Get motivated and stand up for your convictions. Sustain this and you will truly know what motivation is. 


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