The Desert Desserted No More

Welcome once again nature lovers. Let’s waste no time and dig right into this weeks topic.
Edward Abbey is a writer, activist and leader for environmentalist everywhere. One of his most popular selections is Desert Solitare, a biopic on his time as a park ranger out in the Arches of Utah. In the chapter, “Solitare”, Abbey argues that being alone, with oneself, is not actually lonely, but instead lovely and rewarding. This allows a person to think without becoming tainted from outside thoughts. Abbey is responding to the idea that people must always be in constant contact in order to feel connected. He feels connected, more so, when it is just him and the natural world. He is inspired by the solitude the desert brings. Unfortunately, this quiet land is slowly becoming flooded with bustling activity; civilization has encroached. Abbey is motivated to keep this area in tact, natural. He is motivated to save the Arches and other natural lands from the destruction of a civilized society.

In the chapter, The Serpents of Paraside, Abbey touches on three important issues. One is humanity’s constant need to rely on mechancial gadgets and technology. These devices, like a flashlight as Abbey describes, are good for their function, but they are harmful due to the fact that they block out other aspects of the world around us. Another issue is our misunderstanding of animals and their possible emotions. We see dogs as creatures with emotions, but we fail to recognize the emotions of other organisms, such as snakes. Lastly, when many of us are faced with something new or unfamiliar, we scurry away in fear instead of embracing this new situation. Abbey is motivated because he wants to protect the environment and most of all, he wants all of us to do our part.


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