The Power of Power 

Here’s an inspiring TED Talk. Watch then read. 

Welcome back! That talk was riveting, wasn’t it? Now lets go into the thick of it.

William Kamkwamba is a young man from the nation of Malawi. His story is making waves because he built a windmill inorder to bring power to his family. This power did a lot more than just provding electricity. It opened a door for him and his family. He carved a new, more prosperous path for himself and his commuity. 

Floyd Dominy encountered similar circumstances in his own life.  Much like Mr. Kamkwamba, he too used technology in order to better his life and the life of those around him. To Dominy however, land was wasted when it was not being developed. His motivations were similar at first, but they evolved as his situation did. The technology dominy used was dams. These engineering feats altered the river, and harmed the life that lived within it. 

Dominy saw the resources that the land could bring, but William saw the opportunities that innovation brings. Both men had similar circumstances, but they way they apporached them was different. The windmill brought more than quantifiable power, it brought the power of opportunity, the power of hope. 


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