Where are they now? Alberto Rios and Charles Park

Alberto Rios, a renowned poet, was featured In the book Writing the Southwest. Since the publishing of the 2003 revised edition, Alberto has kept himself busy. Since 1982, Rios has been a professor for the University of Arizona State.  Rios 1999 memoir, Capirotada, won the Latino Literary Hall of Fame Award and in 2009, was the choice for the OneBookArizona. For his selection, The Theater of Night, Rios became the 2007 winner of the PEN Open Book Award. Another honor Rios received is when he was designated as the 2005 Historymaker by the Arizona History Society’s Museum. Eight years later, In 2013, Rios was named Arizona’s first poet laureate. One year after, In 2014, he became a Chancellor for the Academy of American Poets. In 2015, Rios released his latest book, A Small Story About the Sky. In total, Alberto has written ten books, and a memoir and three collections of numerous short stories. 


Alberto Rios

Charles Frederick Park Jr. is featured in the book Encounters with Archdruid. Park is a mineral engineer who thinks the economic well-being of extraction has more benefits than the preservation of the natural environment, but he believed both were of high importance. This book was originally published in 1971. In the years that followed, Mr. Park published a book of his own called Earthbound: Minerals, energy, and man’s future. In December of 1990, Mr. Park passed away. Five years after his death, Charles became the 100th member of the mining hall of fame. 

Charles Park


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